Hello friends

We are here as your Buddies.

We come to you in this image because often people associate prior experiences and feelings with familier images. We use these forms to create fresh unsullied association and frequencies.

Our wish is to have unbiased interactions.

We connect our Heart to your Heart:-)



We have created a few

game card decks

for your enjoyment.

The first one we are offering is our

Action cards


The next one we will offer is called

Magic Vibration cards

The third one we will offer is called

My Choice cards

The fourth deck is called

My Higher Knowing cards

All card decks come with

a bag to carry them in

plus free stickers and

a free surprise.

Sometimes the free
surprise will be a

magic charm,

a magic bag or

more stickers

Each card deck is only $11.11 plus shipping $4.27 for a total of $15.38

The card decks have 52 cards and a different design on the front and back. A total of 104 designs.

Each deck has been created from

our heart with pure


wisdom and

divine will power.


The purpose of creating the cards is to help

unveil and magnify the joy and bliss in our life.

If you want to receive a deck of cards click below.

It will take you to our main website
where you can make a secure purchase

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If we can be of assistance with anything please ontact us at info@HartBuddies.com

We do not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok set up


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Much love to everyone:-)